Creative Curriculum

For the past six years my district program PIC (Preschool Intervention Classroom; self contained pre-k) has not had a set curriculum. We've used bits and pieces from various programs such as DLM, Read it Once Again, Teach Town, and Second Step. All of those were great but they did not capture all the skills being … Continue reading Creative Curriculum

No Mess Art Hacks

I love a painted noddle necklace or finger painting collage just like everyone else. Making a mess is half of the fun of making crafts! However, sometimes due to time constraints, staffing, or complexity of the craft we integrate in these no mess hacks. These tricks are super simple and the supplies can be found … Continue reading No Mess Art Hacks The Custom Learning Materials Mecca is one of the greatest resources! This is not a sponsored post. I truly just feel that strongly about them! If you’re like me, and you are not into buying clipart on TPT to make things, Lessonpix is fantastic! For a small $30 a year you get access to an abundant amount of resources. … Continue reading The Custom Learning Materials Mecca